Start360 staff took part in a #WalkThisMay Challenge 👣👣 from 25th -31st May.

The Challenge was designed with self-care in mind, encouraging staff to get outdoors and enjoy the benefits of walking. This has perhaps even more relevance during Covid 19, with many of our staff working at home and juggling different aspects of their lives.

Walking for just 20 minutes a day can have significant health benefits such as a boost to energy and mood; reduction in stress; time to practice self- care; reduction in the risk of heart disease and cancer; and improving the quality of sleep.

The Challenge involved doing cool things such as going for walks before work, during lunchtime, during meetings, hugging a tree, spending time in green spaces🌿☘️ finding rainbows🌈 and smelling flowers🌻🌸.

Acts of Kindness were also part of the Challenge. Caroline left positive messages on her local pathway; Natasha and Catherine treated their mum's to an afternoon tea☕️ ❤️😊

Pauline from our DAISY service summed up the power of getting out walking when she told us,

"Me and my dog Brandy do a walk sometimes twice a day. It helps to clear the head after a day’s work on the laptop and phone. It is peaceful and away from the humdrum of everyday life. Bliss!"