I'll Not Be Back

"I'll not be back"

These are the words often spoken by individuals leaving custody. With good intentions and a new optimism for life, most people leave custody and do not intend on coming back. It is the hope for every individual that this is the end of their journey in custody.

However, for many it can be an uncertain and chaotic time, often with nowhere to live, no money, no family or extended support and no stability. It is heavily reported that high numbers of prisoners have a diagnosable mental health problem, substance misuse problem or both. If we add these factors together it is clear to see why 19.03% of individuals reoffend within a year of release, with 44% of that reoffending in the first 3 months after release. (This does not include recalls).

An added difficulty for individuals leaving custody this year has been the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and government restrictions. This has impacted the services offered and made a release from custody a very isolating and uncertain one. Start360 have been there supporting individuals remotely and face to face on their release, ensuring they feel connected and supported.

Previous findings show 70% of individuals who had support with alcohol use post-release did not reoffend and 86% of young people who had resettlement support in the community did not return to custody. This highlights for us why it is so important for individuals leaving custody to have wraparound support on release. Having resettlement support is key to stability and success in the community.

Start360 Support Hub offers 1-1 interventions, drug and alcohol support, mental health support, advice for benefits and housing and independent living skills/education. Having this support can be vital for survival in the community.

We believe in positive change. We help people find something when they need it most.

The Support Hub also offers creative and sporting activities through the Prison Arts Foundation and Community Sports Network. This offers individuals the opportunity for personal development, a sense of purpose and routine. The arts and sports have many mental health benefits and give individuals the opportunity to feel a sense of achievement and be part of a group, developing an all-important support network.

The Support Hub service gives individuals wraparound support on release to support them to fulfill their goal of not going back.

We champion “Every Person Stronger”

Joanne Davidson, Key Worker, Support Hub.

For more information on the Support Hub please click: #ChangeStartsHere

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