Christmas Expectations Vs Your Reality

My family is like no other, we’re unique, just like your family.

For us, most of those perceived Christmas traditions just don’t work and they probably aren’t a reality for most of you either. Remember that our homes and lives are not part of a Hallmark Christmas movie, and do you know what? Shit happens, even at Christmas.

So rather than focus on perceived Christmas traditions I’m going to tell you about one of my family’s new Christmas activities.

These new activities are mainly because all the children have grown up, and the big man himself (Santa) unfortunately isn’t a part of our Christmas anymore. This led to us all feeling a bit emotional and sad, but rather than focus on what we lost, we came up with some new family activities that we hope will become our new traditions.

The main one is THE THOMPSON FAMILY CUP, which is our own wee family golf tournament.

We play this on Christmas morning, after opening our presents of course, and whilst the Turkey is cooking. The cup may be small, but the rivalry is fierce, and most importantly we are doing something together, as time with the four us is precious.

I suppose what I’m saying is, don’t let other people’s expectations dictate your reality, do what you and your family enjoy.

So, from my home to yours have a very Happy Christmas🎄🎁 whatever yours looks like😊