Knowing your units can help you better understand your relationship with Alcohol

Most adults who live in N.Ireland drink some alcohol. Many drink at a level that does not put their health at risk.

Unit guidelines for ‘low risk drinking’ are the same for men and women. Both are advised not to regularly drink more than 14 units per week and it is best to spread these evenly over 3 days or more with several alcohol free days. There are no safe limits for drinking alcohol when you’re pregnant.

Keep the short-term health risks low by:

  • Limiting the total amount of alcohol in one session
  • Drinking slowly, alternating with food and/or water

Tommy and Dekko have real concerns around their mates and the number of units being consumed in a single night in our video 'Larger Than Life',

Below is a useful guide to help better understand your own relationship with alcohol and units. If you were really keen you could work out the units involved in taking 'Dave and his mates' from the fridge in a single night!

You can check your drinking with the Alcohol Test

Visit Drugs and Alcohol NI for more information on units of alcohol and for sources of support if you want to make a change.

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