Board & Ambassadors

Start360 has 9 members on its Board and 5 Ambassadors

Start360's Board is made up of 9 people who bring a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to the organisation.

Our current Chair is Tony Clarke and our Vice Chair is Paula Logue. Our Treasurer is Patricia Brown.

Our Ambassadors promote and represent the work of Start360 in their own specialist areas of work.

To find out more about becoming a Board member or Ambassador, contact Maria:

Tony Clarke Start360 Board Chair Person

Board Members

Chair Tony Clarke
Vice Chair Paula Logue
Treasurer Patricia Browne
Yvonne Cowan
Kathryn Higgins
Alistair Hutchinson
Gareth Walls
Gary Milling
Gail Neill


Brian Higgins
Colin Jess
Michele Marken
Kristian Nairn
Bill Wolsey