World Mental Health Day 2018

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Today is World Mental Health Day and in a world with more pressures and stressors than ever before, people are slowly starting to realise it’s OK not to be OK.

Here at Start360 we believe Change Starts Here and that extends to our staff. We offer numerous support mechanisms including staff supervision and appraisals, an Employee Assistance Programme, self-care hour and a Birthday Day, to name just a few. These can help make a change and lead to Every Person being Stronger.

Compassion Fatigue and Heart Math training sessions are scheduled throughout the year and feedback has been positive for both. Our latest employee engagement survey shows 97% of staff get a sense of personal accomplishment from their work, 94.5% feel their manager is considerate of their life outside work and 93% are treated with respect by their colleagues. Creating a happier workplace is key - as Stephen Barr, Service Manager, always says, 'A bad day at Start360 is still better than a good day anywhere else!'

Start360's HR Assistant Manager, Kim Cahoon, says, 'We believe in and encourage employees to establish a work life balance that allows time to wind down and switch off, and the lovely bonus is that it leads to happier, more productive employees. Let’s all continue to break the silence and the stigma - It’s good to talk!'