Start360 publishes 2016-17 Annual Report

Ar 2017

Following Start360's AGM on 25 July, our Annual Report is now available - you can find it on our Publications page at


What an interesting year 2016/17 has proven to be! On a global, European, national and local level we have seen the protest votes of those who feel ignored and threatened within society. The US Presidential election, the Brexit referendum, changes in Westminster politics and lack of stable devolved government in Northern Ireland have been the outcomes of this shift, which in turn have created vacuums of uncertainty, confusion and inertia.

Recognising the challenges this backdrop presents for the charitable sector, Start360 has decided not to be disillusioned but be optimistic and mindful that, within times of challenge, opportunity also exists.

As a result, Start360 has continued to plan for the future by fully embracing and living our mission:

With the £3.8 million available to us in 2016/17, Start360 added to the lives of 20,272 people,
90% of whom were aged 25yrs or under, and their families. Adopting and developing the Outcomes Based Accountability (OBA) approach to measure impact and performance, we have once again demonstrated positive outcomes for our clients across 25 services - those whom Start360 believe must be firmly at the centre of all we do.

Independent evaluations of four of Start360’s services were published, clearly demonstrating the significant impact supporting individuals to take positive action has on their lives and futures.

These included:

Throughcare alcohol intervention service for individuals leaving custody.
Cool Choices
Digital media skills employability programme targeting NEETS aged 16-24 years, delivered in
partnership with CoolFM.
Transition service incorporating Throughcare for young people leaving custody.
Intensive residential experience with pre and post mentoring support available to 16-20 year olds at risk of
becoming or deemed as NEET, delivered in partnership with the GRIT Trustees.

Planning for Start360’s future involved:
>> Consulting with all our important stakeholders to develop our strategic vision up to and including 2020;
>> Preparing for our Headquarters office move in Autumn 2017;
>> Commissioning an independent organisation to benchmark Start360 as an organisation against the private, public and voluntary sectors;
>> Building on our brand by incorporating Picnic360, Conference360 and Quiz360 into the Start360
>> Developing further collaborative approaches with other organisations to ensure our clients are best served;
>> Delivering on our first focused fundraising campaign, ‘The Zambezi Challenge’, which generated income of over £57,000;
>> Planning more strategic and proactive fundraising activities, which we prefer to call FUNraising.

Start360 continues to be made up of a diverse range of people, skills, abilities and expertise within the leadership, staff team and Board. Moreover, the commitment, loyalty, dedication, drive, flexibility and enthusiasm they all invest in Start360 deserves note.

This wonderful dynamic is omnipresent – it permeates the organisation.
It is the organisation.
It is Start360!