Start360 DID the Zambezi

Zambezi Fundraising

The members of Start360's amazing team Zambezi360 are now back on dry land, having rowed over 100kms down the mighty Zambezi River.

Chris Muir, who was on the trip, said, ‘We are only the seventh team to have completed the challenge EVER! Our team also included the oldest person ever to have finished the challenge.’ 

Melissa Frame, who also took part, said, ‘No one expected it to be as hard as it was – but somehow we got to the end. It showed me that you can do whatever you set out to do in life, if you pull together and support each other. I’m so proud of us all!’

Other participants said, ‘Our guide took one look at us and thought we would struggle on the river. He admitted to us afterwards that he had made a judgement about the team and been proven wrong’, and ‘We had reserves we didn’t even know we could tap into – everyone had their own individual challenges but together we achieved this amazing thing.’ 

Why did they put themselves through all of this? To raise money for Start360! At Start360 we help people to help themselves by putting them at the centre, because we believe change starts here. We are one of Northern Ireland’s leading charities providing services to young people, adults in prisons and families. Our services cover the areas of health, employability and justice.

Start360 CEO, Anne-Marie McClure, said, ‘I’m incredibly proud of what the team has achieved and we’ll be celebrating with them over the coming weeks. The money raised will help us to sustain and grow the valuable work that we do. Like our Zambezi360 team did, we help people move towards their own personal goals in life.’