Our house - in the middle of William St!

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Moving to a new house is never easy. Never mind moving the HQ of an organisation of over 100 people…. But that’s what we did as Start360.

We moved from Hill St around the corner to our new HQ in William St. Talking to staff over the last number of days, it's been as emotional and exciting as moving house!

We’ve been planning this for some time. Just like when we were in Winetavern street, we outgrew our last home in Hill St. So we found the perfect space in William St, and the decision was made to up sticks.

The Board and Senior Leadership team have been working away in the background, headed up by Cara, on all the bits and pieces that are never seen. Insurance, phone lines, internet... the list is endless  But while this was all going on, for the majority the move was not a reality until the last four weeks.

Maria and Lynn worked ridiculously hard in clearing out, packing up and laying the foundations.

Then Carl walked into Hill St ready for business. Screwdrivers, paint brushes and trips to the dump meant this dream was all of a sudden becoming real.

Over the next few days, most of the Start360 staff were involved in a lot of ‘ings’…… packing, fixing, dumping, skiving (no fingers pointed), and moving. Tom ran around with a pair of gloves looking busy, Rab had his power tools and Barso told us all how to use them, while supervising the tea making! 

We are never going to be able to mention everyone, but to all those who went out of their way, travelled long distances, and did what they could to help, it is so much appreciated. 

When Anne-Marie came in wearing a tracksuit, we were really on our way out. Hoovering Hill St from top to bottom, alongside all the other work from everyone, meant we could leave our old premises with our heads held high.

Now in William Street, we are combatting teething problems every day. We've dealt with everything from power cuts and ventilation systems, to SoE being shacked up in a boardroom, to the finance department being unable to keep the noise down in our new open plan office!

However, the energy amongst Start360 means we will overcome all these, including the essential step of finding the most suitable place to put the post. We’ll learn to live with Joanne unknowingly singing while wearing headphones, we’ll get downstairs sorted and operational before Lynn throws anything else out, and most importantly we will have the best premises available for the best staff.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth the trip - come and say hello, have a cuppa and maybe do some dusting while you're here. It’s great to be able to say 'We are Start360, we are in William street, and CHANGE STARTS HERE'!