Nikola's work experience at Start360


Hello, my name is Nikola Adamczyk and I go to Mercy College. I had my work experience at Start360. I want to share my experience at Start360.


Tuesday was my first day of work experience at Start360. Zoe agreed to help me with my work experience. She had our whole week planned out and it sounded exciting and it was. The first thing in the morning we had a meeting at the Ulster University and I felt like a grown up in a good way. The meeting was long but very interesting. After that we went to another meeting at the MAC cafe with other co workers from Start360. I felt comfortable around them because everyone is so friendly and everyone in the workplace. Then Zoe showed me around the office and we talked about work and plans for the future, and some things about ourselves. Then Zoe and I went for walk and she showed me some places that I didn't know existed in Belfast. When we came back Zoe showed me a cool website where you can make your own postcards, posters, cards etc. She also showed me her daily routine and it's stuff like checking the news, Facebook, Twitter etc.



Wednesday morning we checked the Start360 Twitter, Facebook, and e-mails. Then we had a meeting with Roisin from Culture Night, and we started planning for next year's Culture Night. Next year would be the Cultures Night 10th anniversary so it's important - so after the meeting I came up with a few ideas and wrote them down for Culture Night. Zoe and I searched up some information for Culture Night and I typed the important notes and sent them to Roisin. Then I helped moving stuff downstairs and started preparing for tomorrow.



Thursday morning we went to Stormont for the Governance Awards. I was so excited because I never was in Stormont, so it was my first time. It was magnificant. The view, the building, everything! Before the awards were given out Zoe and I had a tour of the building and I learnt a little bit of the history of the building. After the awards I met some new people from other charities. When we came back my teacher came to visit me, but my teacher wasn't there for too long, she only wanted to see how I'm doing during my work experience and she wanted to see if I experienced something new - and I do everyday. My teacher was worried that I didn't want to go back to school, well... they need to worry! Then we had a meeting with Anne-Marie who is the boss. When I went to the meeting I was a regular student doing work experience, we talked about the Christmas party and Spring Ball. Then I came out of the meeting as a first Youth Ambassadorfor Start360. At first I thought they were joking but they weren't! I am honoured to work for Start360 and very excited because it's something fun and new to experience.



Friday morning we went to the Merchant Hotel. It was gorgeous! It was my first time in that hotel. We were shown around the hotel and the ballrooms, to plan for the Spring Ball. The first thing I noticed was the mirrors on the ceiling in the entrance and everywhere. The Merchant Hotel is the most elegant hotel I've ever seen. When we finished  I was like I want to have my 16th birthday in that hotel and I want to get married in that hotel and so on, it was just magical. Then we went to the Ramada Hotel, I like that very much because it's a modern hotel but also comfortable to be in and we also had a tour around the Ramada Hotel. Since it was my last day of work experience, Zoe took me to Pizza Express and we had our lunch there.