It's World Mental Health Day


Tuesday 10 October is World Mental Health Day - this year's theme is mental health in the workplace. At Start360 we don't just deliver mental health services - we also value and promote the mental health of our staff.

This is done via a range of methods, including:

  • A monthly 'self-care hour' for every member of staff
  • Staff supervision and appraisal
  • Our 'open door' line management policy
  • Our 'Dignity at Work' policy
  • The BHSF Employee Assistance Programme, and health and nutrition advice
  • Opportunities for fitness activities at lunchtimes
  • Auricular acupuncture sessions

Sarah Sanders, our HR Assistant Manager, said, 'Start360 is proud to be an organisation that prioritises mental health. This World Mental Health Day, we are reminding everyone to take care of their own mental health in the ways that work best for them.'

You can read more about World Mental Health Day at