It's all about the BLING!


Caroline is running twelve half-marathons in twelve months for Start360! 

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This is her story...

1 September 2017

My running challenge over the next year is 12 half marathons in 12 months - first race is Belfast half 17th September 2017 ....last one in Brisbane Australia just before my 50th birthday August 2018 - raising money and awareness for my organisation - Start360. Already have had a few stumbling blocks both mentally and physically. Started training 8 weeks ago and had an injury so been recovering (back injury) with help of great sports massage therapist and rest. After reading this article about a 101 year old taking up competitive running decided to find away through whatever challenges landed on my path. Having a goal is so important - having 12 is slightly crazy but if it was easy everyone would be doing it watch out for training photos, inspirational quotes, my struggles and successes, my reason for putting my trainers on and how running is my therapy and the need at times to push through the negative thoughts. RUN - WALK - CRAWL.