I'd have ended up back in jail - or worse; dead

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Our AD:EPT2 throughcare service came to an end on 31 March 2019 - funded by the then Big Lottery Fund, AD:EPT2 provide support to people with alcohol-related problems. The service was provided to them before and after leaving custody, and to their families.

The service worked with 779 people across its four years of operation.

This short video contains testimonies from three AD:EPT2 service users.

In total, 70 of those we worked with did not reoffend.

A brief summary of the findings can be found at

Start360 Service Manager, Clare Connolly, said, 'It's disappointing for our service users that we can no longer provide the AD:EPT2 supports to them and their families. Through the dedication and hard work of the staff team, we were able to make lasting change in the lives of those who used the service. Having consistency of support both before and after leaving custody is vital to successful rehabilitation - both for the person themselves and their close family. We will continue to support people leaving custody through our specialist RDV and Engage services, where appropriate.'