Derry Halloween fun... Start360 Style!

Pumpkins Bw

VOICES West had two days of Halloween fun, with eight young people between 6 – 12 years old taking part in activities.

The VOICES West team and young people really enjoyed the Derry/Londonderry Halloween traditions this year.

On the first day we went to 'Winifred the Witch' and her wicked tales, where young people took part in storytelling, creating spells and singing. After this we walked the city walls taking in the Halloween atmosphere and buzz. The young people came dressed up for the fun with some really creative outfits including a zombie werewolf panda, a cat, a dead cheerleader and a clown.

On the second day we took the group to tales of Jack O’ Lantern, where they listened to stories of haunted house, Willo the Wisp and Jack O’ Lantern. They heard how Jack created the first carved lantern out of turnip to keep away the dark and how that is way people carve pumpkins today (In my school it was still turnips - editor). The young people then got to take part in pumpkin carving, creating their own lantern that would be used in the parade later that evening, while listerning to stories of the first Halloween and why people dress up today.