Alcohol Should be Respected

Alcohol Respect

Start360, along with ALT Animation, has designed a platform which they hope will trigger a thinking process around alcohol consumption, on both a personal and societal level. Three animations will be premiered at a Launch Event in the Strand Cinema, Belfast, on Friday 15 February at 2pm.

Start360 has designed a series of animated short stories they believe will be memorable, thought-provoking and relate to viewers as individuals. Our message is: ‘Alcohol should be Respected’.

All three videos can be viewed at

Research carried out as part of the design process highlighted ‘stern, shocking and/or dictatorial’ approaches do not always work. Start360 claims that much of the time, viewers of these types of campaigns ignore, underplay or simply believe ‘it will not happen to me’.

Anne Marie McClure, CEO of Start360, commented on the animations:

“Start360 recognises the unique humour in NI. We wanted to capture this creativity in a campaign, using a satirical approach to create an alternative and unique narrative in relation to alcohol consumption.

“It’s important to say Start360 is not anti-alcohol. We know many people enjoy a drink and consume alcohol in a responsible way. However, we also know that we live in a place where alcohol is encouraged, promoted and often frowned upon if you do not excessively consume. Culturally we use alcohol at parties, wakes, births - in fact, it is our societal ‘go to’ position.

“The aim of our campaign is to make a positive impact on the ‘binge’ culture that exists in Northern Ireland – alcohol’s casual and excessive use. Start360 also wants to make a positive impact on the cultural and reputational stereotypes held about ‘Irish Drinking’. “Start360 believes this opportunity to develop a solution will make a long-term difference to society in Northern Ireland. It has potential to spread further and improve levels of understanding in relation to the implications of excessive alcohol use. Most of all we want to encourage honest conversations on the topic.”

Discussing the funding of the project, Mrs McClure said:

“We would like to thank the Building Change Trust for providing us with the opportunity to pilot this approach. We believe their investment has the potential to make a big impact.

“We have had great support from our partners in Work West and ALT Animations and we hope that after people see the animations, they will agree with the Start360 message: ‘Alcohol should be Respected’.”