A Protect Life story


My client was a victim of bullying, low self-esteem/lack of confidence, past self-harm, thoughts of life not worth living, anxiety, panic attacks and poor physical health. 

She had missed out on opportunities due to anxiety and poor mental health - but she wanted to challenge herself, be a part of something, make new friends and face her fears. Together we discussed different options and she set realistic goals.

In sessions we worked on building self-esteem and confidence.  We went for drives and went to the local shopping centre which challenged my client’s social anxiety. I went with her to meet another organisation and she soon started volunteering with them. She took part in an activity day - a big achievement - and had a wonderful time at a celebration event.

At the start of engagement my client was anxious and upset. She was socially isolated but she had a real desire to improve her quality of life and was very willing to challenge herself.  Over time, her confidence and self-esteem increased. She felt she was better coping with every day activities and started to recognise her capabilities. Her mum noted a change in mood at home and how her daughter started to go out at weekends with friends. This young person did require support from various organisations, but she needed it and used it well.

I admired my client’s courage to face fears with the determination to achieve set goals.