N-GAGE – One Stop Shop

N-GAGE provides a drop-in social and recreational space for young people to meet, share, chill and get involved in activities.

Area Ballymena, Ballymoney, Bushmills, Coleraine
Age Range10 - 1212 - 1414 -1616 - 1818 - 2122-25
Concern Category One stop shop

About the Programme

‘N-GAGE has been a door for me to open up about my problems whenever I don't have an answer -  N-GAGE is there to help me find the answer’ – service user.

‘N-GAGE is an awesome place that has showed me that even the most common guy or girl can have hope and understanding.  They also are very helpful in pointing you in the right direction and opening opportunities.’ – service user.

N-GAGE provides information on a wide range of issues relevant to young people.  Most importantly it focuses on improving access to the range of support services available to them in their local area and further afield.

Young people can access information, advice, support and signposting to a range of areas, such as mental health and wellbeing; sexual health; suicide prevention; relationship issues; resilience and coping with school and employment.


‘N-GAGE has helped me find out that I wanted to do youth work and helped me progress with my youth carer and get me on to the courses that I wanted to do.  Also they are great helping young people deal with problems and hard times in people's lives.’ – service user.  

The service puts young people at the heart and aims to ensure that there is ‘joined up’ working across a range of health and social wellbeing themes. The team also delivers some outreach activity across the northern part of the Northern Trust area.

Contact Details 
Ballymena - 028 2568 9356, or drop in to 2-6 Wellington St

Service Email 

Public Health Agency 

Contact Information

2-6 Wellington Street
BT43 6AE
T 028 2568 9356

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